January 23rd, 2008

This is an old photo, almost seven years old. I hate to think about that, it means that Storm is almost 7, though she still acts like a puppy and hasn’t really slowed down. A dog’s shorter lifespan is one of the great injustices.

But this isn’t going to be a downer. Maggie and I had a wonderful time looking through our puppy photos the other night. We were laughing and feeling a bit melancholy and pretty much taking a trip to nostalgia city. We’re sure one of these puppies is Storm. But I wouldn’t bet on which one. What you’re seeing is Storm and some litter mates before we were able to bring her home. You get a bonus puppy butt in the back.

These puppy photos sort of hurt my ego. We had this image on our site a while back, and despite my illustration portfolio and other art, the puppy photos were the popular finds. Now I have all these illustrations I’m working on for this site, and I fear that this will overshadow them. Ah well, more illustrations and such soon. But this photo cried out to be posted. For me, this picture is as close as an image can get to depicting “love at first sight.”

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