Mad Dogs and Englishwomen

August 10th, 2008

Storm is insane. She spends her whole year in her little fashionable Golden Retriever fur coat. It’s August. The Dog Days. And it’s 101 in the shade here in Austin.

Storm, though, is also a stereotypical blonde. She worships the sun, I believe I’ve mentioned this before. Once the sunlight hits our balcony, she goes to stand by the balcony door. She waits until we let her out, and comes to find us if we aren’t prompt in doing so. She then proceeds to find the most direct sun she can and flops down. The proof is above. Often, we have to bring her in, puffing and panting and thirsty.

Maggie joined her for a bit today, so that I could use the reference in the title of this entry.

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