September 26th, 2008

We’re moving. Not very far, but moving nonetheless. We’ve found a place that will allow us to have separate offices (I’ll be getting a good-sized studio). And it’s in a cool neighborhood, within walking distance of restaurants, a big park and the hiker/biker trail around the lake. And the Alamo Drafthouse is 2 minutes away on foot… which is great because it’s my current favorite place to go (movies, food and alcohol, it’s a must).

Anyway, when we do something big, people often ask “what about Storm?”. Because obviously the dog is the most important thing, right? Well, we didn’t ask her. And she’s putting up with us moving things all around her. We had a showing of our current place today, and put away her bed(s) and toys before taking her out. She hates this. When we got back and put things back, she grabbed a toy, a bone, and climbed onto her bed. We think this was a defensive move to protect her territory.

Anyway, the picture should tell the rest of the story.

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