Victory Party

January 7th, 2009

So I ordered an XBox as both a Christmas gift from my parents (thanks guys) and as a personal reward for finishing the year successfully. I barely played video games at all last year, so buying a new system is a way to learn to relax and have more time for myself again.

Anyway, it arrived and I decided to pose with my dog, Storm. After all, this is Dog a Day Project related and Storm is my dog and frequent model/muse. One who usually wants to be in the photo. She did NOT want to be in this photo. In retrospect, wrestling with her to get the shot was not the best idea. But I got such a great laugh out of the whole thing, so I thought I’d share with you a “dog who does not want to be where she is” series of photos.

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One Response to “Victory Party”

  1. Christy Stallop Says:

    That is so cute!