Social Networking for Dogs?

January 17th, 2008

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I was going to set up a MySpace page for today’s project, one for the beloved and possibly overused Storm. But it rejected me, even with some creative reworking of personal facts. So I searched for “MySpace for Dogs”. I shouldn’t be surprised that there is one in the form of Dogster. I also found that they’d received some hefty investments to support the venture.

So I bravely stepped in and created a page for Storm. I avoided the trap of writing anything from Storm’s perspective. In fact, the forms are presented as information gathering from the owner (oops, guardian, pardon me) to avoid that “I am thwee and a half years old and love my mommy and daddy except when they leave me alone” crap.

So Storm has her own official page. She is undoubtedly pleased beyond belief, but a lack of thumbs prevents her from updating the page on her own or even sitting at the keyboard. She, instead, is having a celebratory nap at my feet, knowing that fame is now only a few Google searches away.

If that badge up there isn’t working, you can visit Storm’s page at Dogster here.

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