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Waggy for Maggie

January 29th, 2008

Maggie ran a half-marathon on Sunday. She’s an impressive girl. In honor of that, I bring you a photo of her finishing her first marathon a few years back, being congratulated on the achievement by her support team.

I think all long races should have a group of golden retrievers at the finish line, waiting to congratulate and support the exhausted people stumbling in. It would be a good motivation, knowing that a happy and comforting golden was waiting there to give you some attention. Of course, the constantly present shedding hair would stick to the sweat, but it’s a small price to pay.

You may notice Storm is stuffed into a shirt in a distinctly sausage-y way. I designed and ordered that shirt specifically for the day, making sure that the size was proper for her based on the specifications. It was a bit small, but after the initial disgust at me for dressing her up, Storm forgot about it as she was out in the exciting crowds. The drawing is the design on the shirt… I’ve always harbored the suspicion that Storm thinks of us as Food Boy and Food Girl.

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