A Dog a Day Sells Out!

February 9th, 2008

We held out for more than a month, but living in a capitalist society finally got to be too much. Besides, the clamoring for A Dog a Day merchandise has started taking up too much of our time, with the emails, telegrams, phone calls and bricks through the window all demanding such glorious products. So the anxious waiting period is over and you can race to our 2 Bad Mice Store “Dog a Day” section, credit cards waving in the air while shouting “chhhaaaarrrrgggge it” (okay, I got that one from the Flintstones).

This is the only time I’ll make a product the actual day’s post, but I’ll be adding products in the future and will note the arrival of further opportunities to sport our dogs. If I do one you’d particularly like to see on a shirt or such-like, let me know.

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One Response to “A Dog a Day Sells Out!”

  1. lynn Says:

    each one of us (excluding the author of that uplifting speech last weds) commends your Capitalistic Spirit!