Rocket Dog

February 15th, 2008

And I think it’s going to be a long, long time
before I have to land and run around
now I can fetch balls at the speed of light
whoah whoah whoah, I’m a rocket dog

Okay, okay, not great lyrics. But they beat the heck out of Bernie Taupin’s (lyricist for Rocket Man) later output: We Built this City on Rock and Roll indeed.

I’m going to do a painting of this with all of the science-fiction trimmings… sooner or later.

Oh, and note the new address in the copyright under the picture. The project started as a sort of afterthought creativity enhancement project, so I put it as a sub-site of my webcomic Hex Libris (seriously, check that out, it’s great). But with the response I’ve gotten, it seemed good to get a better address for this. Announcing Easier to remember than, I think, and easier for you to tell all of your friends about (put in a word for Hex Libris while you’re at it).

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