Colorforms™ Dog

March 18th, 2008

Is it just because I’m old that I remember Colorforms™? Of course, I remember them as packages of characters and props, such as my Snoopy set which celebrated the bicentennial (yep, I’m old). I had my mother dig up that set, so that I could use it to demonstrate some concepts for a Flash animation class.

As a gift, my parents gave me a set that is a replica of the early 1950s original. You get black and white boards on which to place shapes of different colors (red, green, yellow, blue, and white). The plastic pieces stick to the board using the miracle of static electricity. And having only ovals, rectangles, and triangles makes you think hard about how to create art. No precut pieces in the shape of Charlie Brown and Linus here.

It’s fun creating art with this set, so I decided to create a dog for my project. What you see here is a scan of the actual board and pieces. Not only do you get a dog, you get the sun, a cloud, and a fire hydrant. How’s that for value for your money?

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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