Dally and the Cat

March 26th, 2008

I enjoyed doing yesterday’s white on black scratchboard so much that I decided to use the technique for black on white. This is Dally (short for Salvador Dalmatian), our stuffed dalmatian. Years ago, I did some pieces featuring him as the daring hero of a children’s adventure book, though that project has been on hold for a while. Though the main villains in the book were ducks (don’t ask where I get my ideas), included a rather intimidating and evil cat.

When I first thought of Dog a Day, way back in 2001, I started to test myself in my sketchbook. Could I do a new dog every day? I did for a while, then fell behind. I’ve improved vastly since then, both in skill and diligence. Today’s piece is inspired by one of those older drawings.

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