Sketchbook Shar Pei

March 30th, 2008

A colored pencil drawing from my sketchbook. Creating today’s piece was an interesting experience, since I hadn’t pulled out those pencils in a long time, and at the beginning the piece seemed to be going very wrong. But I think my Shar Pei came out all right in the end. This is one of my uncommon non-digital dogs… I plan to do more without the computer just to keep the traditional skills sharp.

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One Response to “Sketchbook Shar Pei”

  1. shar pei puppies Says:

    what a great drawing. I had a oil painting commisioned of my male Shar Pei (Kye) at the tender age of 5 months old, and i am very pleased with it. I think drawings and paintings are so much better than photographs, as true character as perceived by the artisit is also captured.

    Yours Paul