Dally and the Pigeon Mafia

April 26th, 2008

I posted my Dally Aloft piece back in February, an early work of mine which I, unusually, I still like quite a bit. I’ve doodled and sketched Dally in the years since, and even have notes and a basic outline for a book about the character. It involves his aerial journeys around London in a balloon-powered picnic basket and his encounters with the pigeon mafia, world-conquering ducks and helpful penguins. Yes, it is quite an odd thing, but really it does all tie together.

So here are the roughs for my first new significant piece from that story, with our dalmatian hero dangling from his basket while being watched by an unsympathetic pigeon mafioso. That’ll teach him to invade their airspace.

I’m going to be making adjustments to this piece, verifying and correcting that difficult three-point perspective, making the buildings less generic, that sort of thing. But this was already quite a bit of work, and I thought I’d post it rough and raw.

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