Three-Minute Dog

April 27th, 2008

In his Making Comics book, Scott McCloud talks about why you don’t need to invest in really expensive art supplies. He grabs a cheap rollerball pen and plain paper and does a 3-minute sketch using these tools. I already knew about the cheap tools, but I thought “what kind of drawing could I get in pen and in only three minutes.” Today’s dog is the answer.

Honestly, it took longer to post this one than it did to draw it. I like the energy in rapid sketching. It isn’t just laziness doing one of my dogs this quickly, it’s a kind of pop-quiz to test my drawing skills. I’m guessing I’ll be doing a few more 3-minute sketches throughout the year.

If you like to draw, I recommend grabbing a cheap ink pen and some printer paper. Set a timer for three minutes and draw something. How’d it come out? I’d love to know.

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