Animated Dog Sketch

April 29th, 2008

Thanks to a feature in Corel Painter, I can capture the process of doing a quick cartoon sketch. My process anyway, from large rough shapes in a light color to the final inking and applying just a bit of wash.  This is another quick sketch, but there’s something in this guy’s face that I like.

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3 Responses to “Animated Dog Sketch”

  1. Elizabeth Neeld Says:

    This is wonderful!

  2. Linda Says:

    Can you do my dogs if I send you photos?

  3. erik Says:

    You can always contact me through the contact page on this site and I’ll let you know where to send photos. I don’t update so much now that 2008 is over (and the challenge of one dog a day for a year is too), but I’m always up for more challenges.