Meet Dogford!

May 6th, 2008

Today I was hit by inspiration, and came up with this absolutely original and totally unlike any other idea for a comic strip. Meet Dogford. He dislikes Tuesdays. He loves linguini with clams. And you’re going to love him!

Honestly, this idea is so unlike any other it’s breathtaking. Please don’t steal this idea. And contact me if you want to fund the marketing for this and get really really really rich.

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3 Responses to “Meet Dogford!”

  1. Mark Mitchell Says:

    Garfield & Friends, right?


  2. erik Says:

    Who? I’ve ever heard of that. My lawyers insist that I’ve never ever heard of this Garfield of whom you speak.

  3. Dogford Dislikes Tuesdays | A Dog a Day Says:

    […] Project brought previewed our completely original-unlike-any-other-comic-ever-we-swear comic strip Dogford a few weeks back. Now we’ve got a sample strip for you. Write immediately the the comics page […]