A Dog Toy for You

May 10th, 2008

I’m not particularly good working with my hands. So today I challenged myself to make something physical for the project. You can see the printable picture and the assembled final piece above. If you want to assemble one of these for yourself (and if you’re good with scissors and an X-acto knife, or just really really good with scissors) you can download the printable PDF file by clicking here. I used to be really good with an X-acto knife back in my layout and paste-up days, but that skill doesn’t seem to be in the “just like riding a bike” category.

Just cut around the black outline (I’ve left some color outside of the lines in case you slip a bit). Don’t cut out the arms, though. Make a cut through the white line on the left to insert the tab on the right. You’ll want to tape him together on the inside. The tab on the circular top doesn’t get inserted anywhere, it just helps hold the lid in place.

If you get one together, please send me a picture of this guy in his new environment.

I’m not sure I’m any better with my hands, but I had fun and plan to do another in the future, maybe a more complicated one with a sticky-outy nose and separate arms. I can already think of ways I could improve this one, so when I have another day in which I’m not stressed out and have the time, I’ll do another one.


Here’s a photo of my brother’s dog Jackie with the toy. Though I think my mother did the construction and my dad did the photography.

jackie and the toy


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