Simple Dog

May 12th, 2008

Sometimes I get caught up in the need to create something more intricate or showy. I forget that it’s also a challenge to create something appealing that uses only a few lines. Yesterday I became frustrated while hunting for an idea and just started scribbling. This dog came out of that, and I’m happy.

I knew that coming up with a new dog every day might be a challenge, but I didn’t realize how much I’d care about quality. Not that I meant to coast on crappy drawings, I mean that I find myself tweaking and worrying pieces, looking to make something wonderful daily. It just isn’t possible to do that, but I do my best and am pleased that I have kept to my schedule.

Thanks to everyone who’s told me they liked Saturday’s toy kit and have suggested drawings that would make good shirts. I love hearing from people, so don’t hesitate to say “hi”.

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