Sharpie Dog

May 15th, 2008

Maggie and I were discussing ideas for the A Dog a Day Project, and one of them was to keep trying new tools. One of the tools that we thought of was a Sharpie. So today, after several notable failures, I did this Sharpie on printer paper dog. The reasons for the mess-ups? I was determined to work loosely and without doing a preliminary pencil sketch to work over. Another personal challenge. But I think this one has a sort of underground comix feel to it.

Maggie had some other good ideas, and I’ll be tackling those soon. And my friend Christy had some great ideas to expand another idea I had. So running out of ideas won’t be a problem for at least a little bit. Running out of time is another story. But I am determined to complete 366 dogs in 366 days.

What happens on January 1, 2009? I haven’t made up my mind yet. But I don’t think I’ll be abandoning regular dog drawing, so stay tuned as I make up my mind (most likely late on December 31).

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One Response to “Sharpie Dog”

  1. Corry Collins Says:

    Hi I printed a sign for a friend recently and I spelled Sharpie with an ie rather then an ei “sharpei”. I have found both spellings on the internet. Do you know the difference? And or why I find two spellings. Thanks.

    Shar Pei (or Chinese Shar-Pei) is the dog.

    Sharpie is a brand of marker pen.

    You find both on the internet because many people misspell the dog breed. But the Pei ending is correct, and the name is two words.