Punk Rock Dog

May 18th, 2008

You know, I was never a true punk, but I did go to lots of punk shows in the mid- to late-80s. I guess my clean-cut upbringing prevented me from shaving half my head or dyeing my hair odd colors. Still, I was aware of the scene and rubbed up against the Washington, D.C. scene for a while. Those of you who think the 80s were a musical wasteland just weren’t paying attention; go forthwith and purchase Left of the Dial.

Anyway, here’s a punk-influenced pooch. For this dog a day project entry, I tried a bunch of different tools to see what would fit the theme best, and ended up with soft charcoal on gritty paper (digitally speaking, that is). There’s more than a hint of the Sex Pistols on this one.

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