Dog, Interrupted

May 21st, 2008

A former student sent me a picture of her dog Rocky (thanks Susan). I love getting photos of people’s dogs, both because I love dogs and because I then have something to do for for the Dog a Day project.

Rocky, as she tells me, is enjoying the breeze through his fur. I think I would too, if I had a wooly coat like this. Susan also points out that the presence of the camera may not have allowed him to fully enjoy the moment.

I went through a lot of different tools trying to capture that wooly coat and finally settled on pencil, blending stump and a very light wash (again, digitally speaking). I worked hard to get that expression just right, and I think I managed it.

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One Response to “Dog, Interrupted”

  1. Susan Bartlett Says:

    Thanks Erik – I love it. You captured Rocky’s look – dead on. Thanks so much! Susan B