David Has Left the Building

May 23rd, 2008

The gentleman who works the front-desk night shift at our loft has moved on to another job. David has been here for years, though we only saw him occasionally. On a midnight to 8 a.m. shift, I’m not often in the lobby. I’m guess I’m getting old, going to bed well before midnight. Generally, Storm and I head out for our walk around 8 a.m. But often I would try and get out in time so that Storm and I could see David.

There are few people that Storm loves just for themselves. She likes everybody, and hopes everybody has a treat for her. But with David, she was happy to see him without expecting any reward but a scratch on the head. That’s when you know that someone is a genuinely good person, Storm is a sort of geiger counter for that. So we’ll miss him, and Storm will miss him. Today is dedicated to David: good luck in all you do, and come see us sometime.

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