Origami Dog

June 2nd, 2008

How to make an origami dog…

  1. Try to draw a dog entry and find it isn’t working out the way you want. Put it aside for another day.
  2. Decide that you’ll do an origami dog.
  3. Remember that you’re bad with your hands and that you don’t know origami.
  4. Google “origami dog”.
  5. Try a few of the more complicated ones, then search again in hopes of finding something easier.
  6. Pick one, get your paper together and start folding.
  7. Look again to make sure that this particular origami dog is designed for small children with pudgy hands, then throw away the paper you’ve just messed up (recycle, folks).
  8. Start again and create a reasonable version.
  9. Grab a Sharpie and draw some features on the dog, justifying that this is artistic decoration and not a way to make the paper actually look like a dog.
  10. Photograph and post on your dog a day site.
  11. Feel insecure, perhaps you should try a more complicated dog?
  12. Recycle the mess you make with the next attempt.
  13. Decide that your successful dog is “quirky” and leave it be.
  14. Finish writing your “Dog a Day Project” post and go find a quiet place to cry.

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