(More Than) Three Minute Dog

June 30th, 2008

A bit over a week back, I did some three minute dogs… drawings to see what sort of drawing I could create in only three minutes. I like the composition of one quite a bit, so I decided to work it into a more complete piece, which you now see before you. This, of course, took more than three minutes. I enjoyed working with the (digital) opaque gouache paints, and I had fun getting the shape of this dog by using lights and shadows rather than hard outlines. And I enjoyed taking my time and correcting and reworking and making decisions about where to go with this.

And thus ends June. I’m six months into the project without a lapse (a dog a day, right?). The plan is to make it to December 31. I’ll probably update after that, just not daily, which will make the name of the site seem odd. But I’m six months, but not quite halfway through, my year. And tomorrow is the middle day, forcing me to update this page to correct my erroneous assumption that the half-way point was Friday. In the interests of fair reporting, I’ve left (but crossed through) my error. The official half-way point is July 4, day 186 of the year (366 days this year, in case you’ve forgotten). Apparently, this project has become massively popular, because lots of people will be taking July 4 off and there apparently will be fireworks. I’m really touched, and humbled.

I’m guessing that the celebrations on December 31 will be even bigger. So I’d better not miss a day, or no one will have a celebration party to attend on the last day of the year.

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