Dog Half Full, Dog Half Empty

July 1st, 2008

Despite what I said yesterday, today is actually the half-way point of the Dog a Day Project, 2008. Day 183. Not 186, as I said yesterday. Multiplied by two, 186 equals 372. But 183 comes to 366, or half of the days of the current (leap) year.

So the fireworks scheduled for July 4th must be for something else… I wonder what Thanks to one of my students for pointing out my math error. All you adults out there who missed it, hang your heads in shame? I’m going to write the proper answer on the blackboard 500 times in penance.

I hope everyone celebrates this milestone, though, Let me know if you raise a toast to my completing the year. Today’s dog is already celebrating in her own way. I think she would argue for the “half empty” option.

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