Jigsaw Dogs

July 3rd, 2008

I present to you six jigsaw puzzles, online, based on earlier Dog a Day Project entries. Most have rotation, which requires you to right click on a piece. I’ve listed the difficulty beneath them. Good luck. Jigsaw Planet is a cool site, you can easily create your own jigsaw puzzles.

2008-02-22seadog - online jigsaw puzzle - 100 piecesSea dog (hard)
2008-02-28dally - online jigsaw puzzle - 120 piecesDally Aloft (hardest)
Noir Dog - online jigsaw puzzle - 100 piecesNoir Dog (hard)
2008-06-29fierce - online jigsaw puzzle - 81 piecesFierce (medium, no rotation)
Tiny - online jigsaw puzzle - 42 piecesTiny (easy)
Dog Massacre - online jigsaw puzzle - 42 piecesDog Massacre (easy, no rotate)

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