Handprint Dog

November 25th, 2008

I make no secret about how much I hated school. No, that’s too tame. I loathed it. I was counting down the days left in my school career as soon as I learned to count. And I don’t mean the until the end of the year, I mean until final graduation.

Therefore, I don’t remember the inspiration for today’s dog with much fondness, though it was at least a chance to do something slightly creative. Do you remember? You draw an outline of your hand and turn it into a turkey. That, and drawing guys with buckles on their hats, were a constant in elementary education in the week before Thanksgiving.

Still, when I thought about these handprint turkeys today, I wondered what a handprint dog would look like. Obviously, I would have to add details for the head that weren’t part of the hand. But the turkeys always had wattles and legs added, so it seems within the spirit of the rules governing this art form. So here’s a piece, ready for refrigerators, celebrating the upcoming holiday.

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