Musical Note Dog

December 1st, 2008

Once upon a time I was pretty good at reading musical scores. I played clarinet throughout my school career, which accounts for air of rebel cool I exuded. Yep, we band kids were respected and envied, just as band kids are today. And when some of us discovered Dungeons & Dragons, we ascended to levels James Dean only dreamed of.

Anyway, the idea of building a dog from musical notes wandered from the same addled brain that wrote the previous paragraph. There’s something so elegant about the shapes of musical notes, so this is as elegant a dog as I’ve created.

And it’s December 1st. I’m down to the final month of producing daily dogs. Again, I promise to continue creating dogs next year. Just not every day. In a funny way, though, I think I’ll miss it. But I’ll have time to focus on other creative projects and use the skills I’ve learned and honed through my canine creations.

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2 Responses to “Musical Note Dog”

  1. Elizabeth Neeld Says:

    This is fabulous! One of the best! I also loved the chrome dog!!! What creativity!

  2. Christy Stallop Says:

    This is beautiful!!! very elegant