Reflective Pup

December 2nd, 2008

I’ve been drawing all day, so I decided to go more graphical with today’s dog.

It’s late. People ask if I have a reserve of dogs prepared. The answer is no. At one point I had some extras from doing a few in a day, but I used those up when we went to England earlier this Autumn. I haven’t had a buffer since. So I find myself finishing up late tonight.

I’m not making great claims for this piece. But sometimes I find that my “last-minute” dogs, ones that I think “that’ll have to do,” are the dogs that people really respond to. It’s good to know that I can grab an idea when the deadline looms, and gratifying that people comment on ones I feel uncertain about. If I do my best work when time runs short, then this month’s entries may be the most brilliant work of my career.

Stay tuned.

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