Similar Part Deux

December 11th, 2008

I guess this week’s Illustration Friday word is particularly good for me. I’ve done two on the theme of similar (yesterday’s weirdness was the first).

All of these dogs are similar, but only two are identical. Can you find them? I’m sure you can. In fact, I’m so sure that I’m not even going to give you an answer key on this one. Unless you give up and ask really nicely.

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3 Responses to “Similar Part Deux”

  1. Ann Marie Says:

    This is great! What fun!! I loved doing these as a child and just realized…it’s still fun. Great blog!

  2. Bella Sinclair Says:

    Dang, 2008’s almost over and I JUST discovered your blog! I love dogs, and yours are a hoot. Doing a dog a day takes a lot of creative juice. What will 2009 bring….

  3. Heather Hanlin Says:

    Nicely done. Took me longer than I would like to find them–kept thinking I had it and then there would be a different spot on the tail.