Tree-Topper Dog

December 17th, 2008

Hooray, I have another project for you to complete! And this one is designed to go on the top of your Christmas tree. It’s also a bit easier to assemble than some of the other toys I’ve done for A Dog a Day Project. It on two pages, one for the main body and one for the halo and wings.

Download page 1, main body

Download page 2, wings and halo

Print out both sheets. Heavier paper stock will give you better results.

Cut out the main body as one piece and fold at the dotted lines and at the white tabs. Fold into shape and glue the white tabs to hold it all together.

Then cut out the halo and wings. Paste each back-to-back so that they have color on both sides. Match the letters on the halo and wings to the letters on the main body and glue in place. Then bend them out to your preferred distance (it looks better than a hard fold).

Finally, stick it on top of your tree. Contact me if you do this and would like to send me a photo, I’ll let you know where to email it. Hey, I figured out how to get my server to send email attachments from the Contact Erik page, so now you can attach a file to any message you send me and I should receive it. Hooray! Send me those tree-topper photos.

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One Response to “Tree-Topper Dog”

  1. erik Says:

    My friend Stacey put together a tree-topper for her tree, and here’s the proof. Thanks, Stacey!

    tree-topper dog