Dog (Christmas) Tags and Boxes

December 18th, 2008

Yesterday I gave you the gift of a dog tree-topper. You’ve already assembled that and put it on your Christmas tree, right?

Well, today I’m here to help you with your gift wrapping. For the ambitious, I’ve provided a tiny, Chinese carry-out-style box. It isn’t too difficult, but requires a gentle touch in some of the folding. For those whose manual dexterity is limited to cutting a rectangle using scissors, I’ve provided gift tags to adorn those festive packages many of you will soon be wrapping. Both are in Acrobat format, which is almost certainly installed on your machine.

Download the Gift Box

Download the Christmas Tags

Cut out the box along the thin line around the edge. I’ve left some color on the outside so that you don’t get any unattractive white edges. Then, fold along the dotted lines (except the blue ones on the lid). The only tricky part is to fold the corners and paste them to the outside of the sides without a dog on them. In other words, you should see the triangular flaps on the outside of the box. The picture above will probably give you all the help you need. Oh, and on the lid, cut along the blue dotted lines so that you can slot the two pieces together.

The box is ideal for small gifts, such as the pictured candies, watch batteries, popcorn kernels or very carefully folded $100 bills. Or you may think of something equally thoughtful. Maggie may receive one filled with penny nails, screws and matching bolts. I’m sure her eyes will light with joy.

I’m guessing you can work out what to do with the gift tags.

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