December 21st, 2008

And thus, the countdown begins. Today, counting down, is dog number 10 until the end of the year. Nine more dogs to draw. One heck of a project almost complete. I will have completed 366 days of dog creation on December 31 (leap year, don’tcha know). I understand that worldwide celebrations with fireworks and drinking and wild parties will be held on December 31, and I can only say how touched I am that the world will be celebrating the completion of the Dog a Day Project.

Remember, I will continue to update this site, I just won’t be doing it daily. I’m thinking weekly. But I’m still thinking.

I haven’t drawn a superhero in a very long time, though I drew a fair few in my teenage years. Today, I wanted to draw a superheroic girl with her faithful sidekick. Maggie asked who she was, but she and the dog do not have names. They just came out of my scribblings in preparing the piece.

Also, I just didn’t have a Christmas idea today, so I’m giving you a break from my run of seasonal dogs. I’m sure I’ve got at least one more in me, though I’m feeling about as Christmassy as a tropical sunset.

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