Beach Dog

April 8th, 2009

We’ve just returned from Mexico, where we spent our time lazing on the beach. Well, I did draw a lot, and decided that I should do at least one dog. Even though the project is officially ended, I do want to update, and more regularly than I currently do. Perhaps once I get well ahead on Hex Libris. 

Anyway, we didn’t actually see any crabs, though I did have a scorpion run down the inside of my shirt (I still have the willies). But I drew and inked this guy while sitting on the beach with a moderate breeze ruffling my papers, the waves crashing in the background, and a German tourist looking over my shoulder.

Oh, and exciting news: You can now order the Dog a Day Project: Artist’s Choice Edition through Createspace or Amazon. How cool is it to have a book on Amazon?

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