June 6th, 2009

A while back, there was a Web meme for drawing Batgirl (meme as in “lots of people decided to do it”). And I meant to and never did. So here’s my take on Batgirl, who is not much like the existing Batgirl. She’s more of a street kid. And I figure she needed a sidekick, but as a street kid, she needed a street dog.

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One Response to “Batgirl”

  1. Trevor Says:

    Hi Erik

    I have just sat and looked at every picture that you did on your website and am now inspired to draw some pictures of Rocky my hooligan Lab that is my best friend in the whole world. Thanks for the inspiration and for the enjoyment that you gave me as I looked at your art. Keep it up!

    God Bless.


    PS: “doodles” in my email address, is the name of a dog puppet that I use when I work with kids. He was made by my mom 29 years ago and still going strong!