2020 Begins

2020 Project: Day 1
January 1st, 2020

This isn’t a hangover, this is the expectation of how 2020 will be. It seems that every year, people celebrate the arrival of a new year while being glad to see the last of the one they celebrated with such hope a year before. Dogs make everything better. 2020 will be awash with dogs.

In 2008 I did a dog every single day for 366 days (leap year, which 2020 is as well). Looking at the first few months, I’m tempted remove those early drawings and pretend they didn’t happen. Because they are BAD. Bad enough that I changed my name in the intervening years (I did change my name, possibly for different reasons). But I got progressively better over the year. I’m ready to attempt a similar leap this year.

Tune in daily for dog drawings, cartoons, paintings, animations, photography, and whatever else my creativity decides. Hope you enjoy.

Tools Used: Clip Studio Paint

Categorized as: Drawing

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