Adopt Grayson

2020 Project: Day 10
January 10th, 2020

Today I dropped some dog crates from our garage off at Austin Pets Alive. They’re a charity I wholeheartedly support, and I encourage you to support them or your local equivalent. Going there reminded me that in 2008 I did little portraits of available dogs to get the word out. And look, just look, at this fantastically handsome fellow. He’s available if you are as in love as I am.

And if you DO adopt him because you saw this I will personally have this printed beautifully as a gift to you. And if you can’t adopt but want to help, visit the Facebook entry for this guy to make a donation to APA. While you’re there, consider following the page, but no pressure, I’d rather see the money go to this fantastic cause.

Tools Used: Clip Studio Paint

Categorized as: Drawing

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