Archie and Louise

2020 Project: Day 38
February 7th, 2020

Okay, this one definitely took me by surprise. Archie has never mentioned meeting the gloriously sexy Louise Brooks. And yet, here he is yet again popping up in the archives in unexpected company. I saw Pandora’s Box when I was young and impressionable and early cinema could get racier than many know… I’ll say no more. The fact that she once held Archie in her arms is something I am learning to deal with.

The other dog is Dismal Desmond and apparently he was once quite the thing.

Tools Used: Procreate

Categorized as: Drawing

2 Responses to “Archie and Louise”

  1. Ernestine Hambrick Says:

    No picture on email I received ?

  2. Erik Says:

    Apologies. I did this work yesterday on a plane and managed to be on time to see my wife’s premiere performance of her new short play. I got the entry created and scheduled for this morning but failed to save after adding the material for the mailing list. Hope you were able to enjoy on this blog page and also, I now have learned another mistake not to make. My arsenal of these overflows.