Envelope Carolina Dog

2020 Project: Day 59
February 28th, 2020

Today’s dog is brought to you by the letter C, the number 2, and the Renaissance Hotels & Resorts ballpoint pen that either Maggie or I picked up on our travels.

This is not Riley. This is the Carolina Dog from the Wikipedia page for the breed. Someone stopped me a few years back insisting I had a Carolina Dog on my hands. And she matches the breed profile, but we know her mother was NOT a Carolina Dog and multiple veterinary folk have pointed out that she has some very strong Shar-Pei indicators.

So, Riley is either genotype (the genes are present) or phenotype (she just looks like that, she isn’t really that) a Carolina Dog. And here’s a ballpoint sketch of a dog that Wikipedia identifies as Carolina Dog and which looks more than a little like Riley.

It’s up to you to judge.

Tools Used: Ballpoint and envelope

Categorized as: Drawing

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