Let the Board Games Begin

2020 Project: Day 84
March 24th, 2020

Maggie and the menagerie pulled out our copy of Pandemic, perhaps the second worst choice to play right now (I mean, Monopoly is always the worst choice). Grumpy Fox was his usual self, and the tantrum started when the outbreaks continued to overflow. Square Bear became really discouraged. Archie failed to save the day despite his furrowed brow and deep and frantic attempt to find some angle that would save the world. They tried. They really did.

Tools Used: Procreate

Categorized as: Drawing, Photo

2 Responses to “Let the Board Games Begin”

  1. Elizabeth Neeld Says:

    Square Bear needs a taller chair….else how can he compete??

  2. Erik Says:

    Square Bear had been sitting on a phone book, but as the game progressed he sunk lower and lower down. When the game ended, he was sitting on the floor rocking back and forth. It was heartbreaking.