Mother Love

2020 Project: Day 195
July 13th, 2020

My beloved mother with Jade (who you may have met before on this project). Today would have been my mother’s birthday. Losing her in February almost derailed this project before it had gotten very far. I made a choice to continue as therapy, and overall it’s worked.

I took this photo while she was undergoing difficult treatment and I had flown out to spend time with her. Posting this is hard, but important today. Look at the love she has for that little dog. That little scruffy not-always-loveable thing, who serves as a symbol of the same love she had for me despite my being more like Jade than I want to admit.

Tools Used: iPhone

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One Response to “Mother Love”

  1. Lindsey Lane Says:

    Erik, Thank you for persisting through the grief, through the relentless fatigue of grief, stalking you wherever you go. I love this photo for all its colliding textures. Both the visible ones and the hidden ones. Sending you love.