Starbarks Coffee

2020 Project: Day 220
August 7th, 2020

Yeah, I know, when I came up with the pun (the other candidate was Starmutts, but it just isn’t as good), I knew that others would have thought of it. But dang it, I decided not to look and just do my own. Then I looked. I like mine, there are elements others used (the paws, duh) but I like my tennis ball and the echo of the bushy double tail, like the double mermaid tail. We already have Monkey’s Coffee Corner open with signage and mugs, so we needed to work a dog in. So I made this into a vinyl sticker and put it onto the coffee bean vault we use because we are coffee snobs.

Tools Used: Procreate, Affinity Designer, Silhouette Studio

Categorized as: Drawing, Photo

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