Bat-Hound Has Really Let Himself Go

2020 Project: Day 256
September 12th, 2020

I’m doing the Lightbox Expo this weekend, virtually. Last year’s live event was a game-changer for me and what I focus on now. I did this one during Stephen Silver’s drawing session on posing characters, where he had us start with a pear and then distort it and place hands and feet first and see where it took us. And insisted we use actual paper. He added the Batman elements to it, but of course I had to turn this into Bat-Hound, who has really let himself go (Simpson’s reference!). There really was a Bat-Hound, back in the weird weird days of pre-gritty Batman.

Tools Used: Col-erase blue pencil and Ebony pencil

Categorized as: Drawing

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