Archie’s Violin

2020 Project: Day 354
December 19th, 2020

Archie, it turns out, was feted by the crowned heads of Europe. And this is the very violin he played on his early 20th-century world tour, a touring schedule cut short by the First World War and the great flu pandemic. I’m not sure I believe his story about missing his sailing on the Titanic because he’d been caught up solving a crime with Sherlock Holmes. There’s only so much you can believe, even with Archie. But he’s generously providing this historical artifact for a charity auction. I’ve shared the travel stickers over the past couple of months, and here’s the entire piece.

Tools Used: Procreate, Affinity Designer, Silhouette Studio, Adhesives, Sticker Paper

Categorized as: Drawing, Paper Craft, Photo

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