About the Dog a Day Project

A Dog a Day? Huh?

It’s an artistic challenge and a chance to work with my favorite animal (well, except for monkeys). I originally did this project is 2008, and it’s high time I attempt it again. Every day in 2020 (as I did in 2008), I’ll be posting a dog. Original work. It may be a drawing, a photo, a poem or an essay. It may even combine these things.

This is designed to get me working. If you like dogs, why not check in regularly? I’m guessing that things will get progressively better as the year goes on. Of course, they may get worse, which will be a clue about my mental deterioration. Either way, it should be fun (at least for me).

The 2008 Dog a Day Project

I successfully completed my 2008 goal to post a dog every single blessed day of the year, all 366 leapy-type-year days. It was a great experience in 2008, but also a difficult one. (You might notice that I replaced the K with an N in my name since then, too.) You can find a book containing all printable artwork from the 2008 series by clicking here.